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What we got:

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Collection of Awards- Braggingshow:)

The stud Pattys is located central in the especially horserelated part in the middle of Germany: Lower-Saxony.
But we are showing our progeny often on a national judged level. And many of our homebred ponies are going places in other countries benath Germany as well, even as far as in the U.S.A .
A fine collection of some of our awards you can find in the text below:

Inspected stallions, homebred and/or raised at Pattys:
Pattys Bengtson, Pattys Bengt Jr, Pattys Bastian,
Pattys Belle Epoche, Pattys Sommartiden, Pattys Silverdun Velvet,
Pattys Benedict, Pattys Veuve Clicquot, Pattys Broadway Dancer,
Pattys Dreama Litl Dream (USA), Pattys Veuve Cosmic (Ireland), Pattys Look At Me (USA),
Pattys Etoiles De Paris (USA), Pattys Sweet Dream (Ireland), Springfield Shadow (Ireland),
Rhinstroems Mighty Man (Ireland).

DLG- Show Frankfurt, judged on a national level, awarded first/ 1A and later Reserve Allover Champion mare. South Germany.

Schönbach judged on a national level: 3 times Allover Champion mare, 2 times reserve until 1996. Meanwhile nearly uncounted Champion titles won at that place, including several times winning Champion family. Middle of Germany.

Elite mare contest Rendsburg and Alsfeld awarded first at the Eliteshow. North Germany respective Hesse.

Europe Jubileeshow Heteren/ Dutch: awarded first, 1A, stallion class, judged by Pat Lyne and Lady Ann Hemphill.

Judged on a national level: several times awarded first: 1A-mares and 1A-youngstock classes, several times winner of the stallion classes. Always judged by irish or english judges: Nicola Musgrave, Padraigh Hynes, J.Jones, Mr. Canavan, Lady Maria Levinge, Pat Lyne ( did mentioned our progeny in "Out of the mist" and in her colored sides of "Reflections through the mist") , Lady Ann Hemphill and many more wellknown judges.
One more time in Schönbach best 2-year old, 1A- 1997. Judged on a national level.

Awarded first at the german, 4week lasting, stallion performance contest 1996, Münster- Handorf. Judged on a national level.

Allover Championfoal Connemara and Champion All Breeds in the foalinspection Schönbach 1997: "Pattys Bengt JR", inspected January, 2000.

Winning foal, awarded 1A, at the German foalinspection Alsfeld '98: judged on a national level:
"Pattys Broadway-Dancer", now inspected stallion.

FN-Champion mare '98, Cloppenburg, Pattys Vanity Fair, awarded 4 times this day:
Best 2-year old,

Best selfbred of Lower Saxony,

Best selfbred allover Germany,

Special ribbon of honor awarded from the Irisch Society ( Mr.J.Jones), judged on a national level.

Schönbach '99: judged on a national level:

1A Pattys Vanity Fair,

1B Pattys Maxime,

1A Pattys Broadway Dancer,

1B Hohnhorst Milaja, both sired from Pattys Benedict,

1A Pattys Brian,

Allover Championship out of several classes: P. Vanity Fair, allover Champion mare (19 entries)

and: P. Brian, allover Champion gelding (18 entries)

Foalinspection Bad Sooden/ A.: Championfoal Connemara, Championfoal All Breeds: "Pattys Meredith" s. Premium stallion "Pattys Silverdun Velvet" ex Premium mare "Kirkeledgaards Margaux": foal was scored 8,5 now standing with Catherine Mack (USA).
HOHNHORST MILAJA, S: Patty´s Benedict, M: Nørlunds Madigan, Youthchampion '99 in Holzminden and member of the winning family, together with her fullsister Hohnhorst Misty Dawn, both sired from "Pattys Benedict". Northgerman regional show.

Milaja, Misty and Pattys Brown Sugar, all sired from Pattys Benedict, are now resident in the USA!

PATTYS BENGT JR inspected and passed in January, 2000.
Sold in 2000 to former goldmedal winner in dressage at the Paralympics in Atlanta 1996.

PATTYS SILVERDUN VELVET received Premium title ( February, 2000).

Schönbach 2000: 1A, 7-year and older class and Allover Champion Mare and premium, Champion family, for the progeny collection: Premium mare Pilgaards Vogue and Pattys Bengt Jr + Premium mare Pattys Vanity Fair.

Foalinspection Bad Sooden/ A. 2000, second time in a row: Championfoal Connemara, this time Reserve-Championfoal All Breeds: "Pattys Velcome Sympatico" s. Premium stallion "Pattys Silverdun Velvet" ex Premium mare "Kirkeledgaards Margaux": foal was scored 8,5- same score as the Championfoal All-Breeds 2000.

Landesponyschau 2000 (takes place just every 4 years), judged in 3 classes:
1A: Pattys Maxime
1A: Pattys Vanity Fair
1A: Pilgaards Vogue,
all 3 became classwinner and all of them standing at Pattys.
Allover- Championmare: Pilgaards Vogue

At the States-premium election in Lower-Saxony 2000 the only States premium candidate mare:
Pattys Vanity Fair

Premiumfoalshow in Alsfeld 2000: always takes place at the end of the whole inspection tour each year.
Colts (9 entries), classwinner and Premiumfoal:
Pattys Velcome Sympatico, now standing with former Paralympics gold medal winner Doris Campo.
S.: Pattys Silverdun Velvet, D.: Kirkeledgaards Margaux

PATTYS BROADWAY DANCER: inspected and passed in March, 2001.

Pattys Maxime won 2001 the class for 4-5 years old mares at our national Connemarashow.
Pattys Maxime finished in fall 2001 the mares performance contest as second best Connie, although she was the youngest entry and had a baby at foot and was also covered again. She received a 7.6!

All 6 babies born in 2001 at Pattys received a 1 premium award!
Our black born Premiumcolt out of Statespremium candidate mare Pattys Bright Marina and by Springfield Glenarde "Pattys SWEET DREAM" was also shown at our national Premiumfoalshow in Alsfeld and became Championcolt out of 10 entries and later Reserve Allover Champion out of 18 entries. Bastian placed 3rd and also became Premiumcolt. Both are called stallion prospects as well as Patric before at the foalshow in Bad Sooden.

PATTYS VEUVE CLICQUOT passed stallion inspection March, 13th 2002.

Pattys Maxime not only she won first prize in the mares with babies class at Schoenbach festival 2002 but later became Reserve Champion mare.

Pattys Miracles Happen, 2002 born coltfoal out of Pattys Maxime, became first prize awarded and Reserve Championfoal All Breeds Pony at the foalshow Bad-Sooden.

Pattys Bengt JR, licensed stallion, is in 2002 very successful competing in the dressage arena, judged at "A" and "L" level, for his new owner. He also won at jumping classes, "A" level and at conformation and abilities classes for young mounts, at just 5 yrs old. Always started against big warmbloods:)
And he is competing and winning also in the year 2003!

...all Pattys ponies are consistantly proving that big things sometimes are coming in small packages;)

Jubileeshow Connemara Pony Walsrode:
Judges: Mr. Padraigh Heanue, Ireland
Herr Klaus Biedenkopf, Deutschland/Germany

Winner fillyclass sired by Pattys Benedict
Winner coltclass sired by Pattys Broadway Dancer:
Pattys Miracles Happen SOLD to Denmark!
Foal Champion sired by Pattys Benedict
Reserve Champion sired by Pattys Broadway Dancer:
Pattys Miracles Happen
Winner Yearlingfillies sired by Pattys Benedict
Winner Yearlingcolts sired by Pattys Silverdun Velvet
Reserve Youth Champion sired by Pattys Benedict
Latest babies sired by our foundation stallion Bengt:
Winner 3-yrs old fillies sired by Bengt
Reservewinner 5-yrs old mares sired by Bengt:
Pattys Maxime
Reservewinner 6-yrs old mares sired by Bengt:
Pattys Vanity Fair
Our special Congratulations are going to:
Hohnhorst Stud, Chrystal Stud and to the Zeller family!
And not out of Pattys breeding line, but resident at our stud:
Winner of the 11-12-yrs old mares: Pilgaards Vogue
Premiumfoalshow in Alsfeld 2002: both presented foals became second best foal in their classes:
Reservewinner in the Coltclass: Pattys Dreama Litl Dream to USA
Resercvewinner in the fillyclass: Pattys Mille Miglia

Pattys Bright Marina finished in fall 2002 the mares performance contest.

Pattys Bright Marina+Pattys Maxime received States Premium title 2003.

2003: The Stud Pattys received for 3 young mares the States Premium Title.

The coltfoal Pattys Look at Me to the USA- placed Best Connemarafoal and later won Championfoal All Breeds Pony in Hesse.
The yearling colt Pattys Dreama Litl Dream sold to USA.
Another promising prospect, Pattys Cherubin sold to Sweden.

Pattys Vanity Fair passed the 4 weeks lasting Mares Performance Contest.
The very first German bred colt passed stallion inspection in the USA- he is a son by our homebred stallion
Pattys Benedict. The fullsister of this stallion won her class and the Type-Award at the Region III Connemara Show Virginia/ USA.

2004: PATTYS BASTIAN passed stallion inspection March, 17th 2004 - at St Patrick's Day.
St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time
... a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.
( Adrienne Cook)

Schoenbach 2004: Champion family at the huge native Connemara Show, out of 7 nominated family groups. Over 120 nominations this year! Progeny group of Pilgaards Vogue won the Championship.
Pattys Veuve Clicquot - Pattys Vanity Fair - Pattys Marjorie placed Reservewinner of their classes. Accompanied by licensed dressage stallion Pattys Bengt JR they won the family devision!
Pattys MAXIME won her class.

Pattys LOOK AT ME: Latest news in the July/August, region three newsletter/ USA. It reads:

Region III ponies did the breed proud at the Commonwealth Dressage and Combined Training Association show at Great Meadow in The Plains, VA on Memorial Day.
Marian McEvilly's new German Connemara colt, *Patty's Look @ Me won the Pony Breeding Championship in the Dressage Sport Horse Division, and was second in the Yearling Colts and Geldings class against ponies AND horses.
View the results here:

And more latest News from Look:
Results of the 2004 ACPS Region 3 Connemara Show- July 17-18, Glenwood Park, Middleburg, Virginia:
Purebred Futurity/Colts: 1.*Pattys Look At Me, Marian McEvilly
Champion Yearling: *Pattys Look At Me, Marian McEvilly
So our special congratulations are one more time going to Marian McEvilly!!

Kirkeledgaards MARGAUX received the Elite mare title. Her baby Pattys NOBLESSE OBLIGE became first premium awarded at foalinspection- sold to USA.

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Yearling Lilly ( left side) in her new home in California

Kirkeledgaards MARGAUX won Champion family and Res.Champion family All Breeds Pony at the prestigious Landesponyshow Hannover 2004- takes place only every 4 years.
Her children and grand children all won their own classes- her daughter Pattys Maxime later became Champion Connemara- her grand child Pattys Marjorie placed Res. Champion at just 2-yrs old!

2005: PATTYS SWEET DREAM passed stallion inspection March, 13th
2005: Pattys Sweet Dream became licensed. Sold to IRELAND
Pattys Noblesse Oblige: Yearling Futurity Winner- USA
Pattys Look At Me: Classwinner Region 3 Show- USA
Look became licensed stallion with the American Sportpony Registry- USA
Pattys Etoile De Paris: Classwinner and Showchampion All Breeds Pony at foalshow in Hesse- sold to USA
Pattys Champs Des Etoiles: Classwinner at the Premium Foalshow in Alsfeld
Pattys Petite Fille Jolie: Premiumfoal at foalshow in Lower-Saxony- sold to Denmark
Pattys Sweet Dream: Passed Stallion Performance testing with flying colors, scored 8.05. Sweetie received Premium Stallion title award then.

One 2yrs old stallion son sold as Stallion Prospect to the Netherlands, now licensed stallion in Belgium.
2007: Premium Stallion Award and even licensed for German Riding Ponies
SPRINGFIELD SHADOW 2007 Standing at Pattys, now leased to Ireland (available by AI).
2007: All 4 Foals received Premium Awards. Filly PATTYS HEAVEN CAN WAIT placed as best Connemarafoal at foalinspection Hesse.

2008: 2 new Stallions inspected and licensed:
Rhinstroems Mighty Man and Pattys Veuve Cosmic, now leased to Ireland.
2008: Springfield Shadow STANDING in IRELAND

since 2009: Frozen Semen available!
News from 2010: measured success, the New Zealand mares as well as our german mare are pregnant after insemination with Rhinstroems Mighty Man's respective Veuve Cosmic's frozen!

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We strongly believe a well bred Connemarapony is the whole package and can make all your dreams come true! Currently we have some very special homebred ponies listed in our for sales section...

Your Dreampony: Not only true to type, but also with the conformation to CAN DO IT ALL...

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