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Success on first attempt!
Pattys Just En Vogue scanned in foal 15 days after Artificial Insemination with Pattys Veuve Cosmic's frozen....
Since the other thing to know is that the ONLY way to truly test frozen semen is to get something pregnant!

Meanwhile we have babies on the ground by our frozen semen nearly world-wide, even in New Zealand!

... we offer frozen semen according to worldwide requirements!
Professionally collected, stored and shipped by german States Stud in Adelheidsdorf/Celle and additionally tested and certified for its fertility by the Hanoverian Tierärztliche Hochschule!

E-mail: Pattys at - and for urgent orders:
Pattys Cell Phone: 0049-(0)179-922 62 17

Cosmic at 2,5 yrs old at the
german Stallion Inspection

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