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Pattys Connemaras Breeding Program
Looking for:
True Connemara type and much substance?
Looking for:
Exceptional movement combined with outstanding temperament?
Looking for:
The athletic Connemara, with the conformation and presence that ensures:
"I can do it all" !!!
.... Still searching?

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Yearling Futurity Winner Pattys Noblesse Oblige- USA

Photo Credit Pattys Bengt JR ridden: Ricarda Bausch

Want to compete and win?
Want to show your pony and see it at the top of the row?
And about this all, as icing on the cake:
Looking for a kind tempered family member which always loves to please you?
Looking for the whole package?

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What we wanted:

The "pony project" at Pattys Connemaras began several years ago in the year 1980.

Feel overwhelmed by 17-hand warmbloods?

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Connemara Premium Stallion

Feel the comfort with a suitable mount!

We have never felt that size should determine excellence. We therefore refused to believe it would be necessary to sacrifice the extravagant movement we wanted in a dressage mount to obtain a more practical size. Now working with Connemaraponies since more than 30 years, we feel confident that our goals are being realized.
We are not breeders of quantity but quality, therefore we are producing only a few very talented youngsters each year that will have the disposition and size to be more suitable mounts for children and the petite adult riders who feel overwhelmed by 17-hand warmbloods, without lowering the standards of movement. And in keeping with our intent of producing all of this, plus sometimes very special color, we have produced several very striking colored foals as well.
The point is that we are not trying to breed only a type. Primarily it is movement or jumping ability we are perfecting whilst refining and modernising the sound correct conformation needed in a competition horse.
Every breed line looks different and their strengths and weaknesses are catered for in the choice of the cross. We only choose the very best foundation stock for our breeding program to ensure the stunning quality of their offspring.

Because we believe that we can produce the warmblood movement without using a warmblood parent and about this never only wanted to breed only a small copy of a warmblood, we wholeheartedly support the breeders and stud books who are protecting and keeping these purebred Connemaraponies true to type. We believe a well bred Connemarapony is the whole package:

not only true to type, but also with the conformation to DO IT ALL...

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3 judged classes,
3 first prizes and always classwinner,
Overall Champion:
3 broodmares from Pattys

Link: Bragging Show

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