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Springfield Shadow

Rhinstroems Mighty Man


If you have built castles in the air,
your work need not be lost.

That is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.
Henry David Thoreau

Pattys Veuve Cosmic

Pattys Sommartiden

We offer frozen semen from our Boys

Pattys Veuve Cosmic & Rhinstroems Mighty Man
!!! NEWS ===== in the making =====> Pattys Sommartiden

All stallions collected and semen stored at the famous Celle National State Stud.
The Celle National State Stud has been freezing their stallions’ sperm since 1973. Since that time, the procedure has been improved to perfection in close co-operation with the Veterinarian University Hanover.
Frozen semen processed to meet published import requirements of any country.
Also Semen in stock in the USA and Australia.

AI Babies:

We have great success rates with our frozen semen and now have progeny from our stallions not just allover Europe, but also in New Zealand and in Australia.
Our frozen semen fulfills all requirements for world-wide delivery.
Semen in-stock in the USA and Australia.

Springfield Shadow, many times Mountain and Moorland Champion in Ireland, Premium Stallion in Germany

Pattys Veuve Cosmic, won Best Young Stallion at the prestigious Royal Dublin Horse Show, now competing in Germany

Pattys Sommartiden, won Stallion inspection/ best scoring stallion at inspection. State Premium Stallion award, successful in upper dressage- succesful FEI pony, performing up to dressage level M.

Connemara Sportpony

Familie M & P Schmidt
D-31311 Uetze

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